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Book Review: Allah to Z

Aug 5, 2012 by Confessions of a Muslim MOMma-holic

“…The thing that I enjoy the most about the book is that it serves as a conversation starter with my kids. For example, Y is for Yusuf, and the dream prophet Yusuf had where he saw 11 stars, the sun, and the moon bowing to him is mentioned. This was a GREAT time to tell my kids a little bit of the story of Prophet Yusuf. (And come on, how could I kid not love the story of prophet Yusuf! It’s full of action and adventure)…”

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“Local Muslim Authors Investing In Future With Books For Children”

Jul 12, 2012 by The Muslim Link

One night as Sam’n (pronounced “Summun”) Iqbal was watching her daughter look through pictures in her alphabet books before bedtime, a thought crossed her mind: why not incorporate basic Islamic concepts and ideas into everyday children’s alphabet books.
Allah to Z - book preview

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Recommended Picture Book: Allah To Z

Jun 28, 2012 by The Family-Ship Experience

“…Masha Allah! This was a really nice alphabet book! The first of its kind to be honest that I have learned about. As a teacher I have read many different alphabet books using a variety of themes but this one was refreshingly unique to Islamic culture…”

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“McLean Mom Takes Kids from ‘Allah to Z’ with Picture Book”

Jun 28, 2012 by Falls Church News-Press

“Mclean mother Sam’n Iqbal wanted to teach her daughter about their Muslim faith and culture, but found the task challenging. While there were many resources for teenagers, she could find no interactive classes for younger children.

Iqbal searched bookstores, but there were no books explaining Islam to children. So if there were no other books, Iqbal would write her own.”

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